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Our 2018 Road Trip Rally Party will be in...


Yes, everyone! South Florida will be the place, as our Road Trip Rally Party has been given the full red carpet welcome from all of the hotels, restaurants, the Convention Bureau, everyone there said, "We want you back!"

(so who are we to disappointment so many?)

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 is the day the Oakland Raiders will play the Miami Dolphins. Our Road Trip Rally Party will make it a wonderful 3-day weekend filled with activities, sun, sightseeing, fun, and more!

Please keep checking here for updates and info on how to sign up. You are also welcome to join our Contacts list, too! We are SO GLAD to have you join us!

​                  #RNMiami18

Ft. Lauderdale Visitors Bureau

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Greater Miami Visitors Bureau

​​​​​​​​​​​​2018 is our 7th Year of organizing the Road Trip Rally Party, with this year's Party as our 8th event.

We organized two in 2014, there in St. Louis & London, UK. We are so very, very grateful to you all for making these annual Road Trip Rally Party events so much fun!

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road trip rally party!

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