2014 - St. louis, mo

There was a lot going on in the St. Louis region that year. Civil unrest, national guard troops patrolling the streets, empty restaurants everywhere. Yet, we went anyway. 

We took a formal tour of the historic Budweiser Brewery, and we enjoyed the absolutely other-worldly barbecue that this city is famous for! 


"Before the football season is over, I'm already asking you where next year's Road Trip Rally Party will be!" ~A.Guiterrez

"I work with event planners whose organizational skills run the spectrum; I so appreciated the clear way in which you communicated your needs to the hotel...your ability to do that set us all up for success." ~B. Paletz, Dir. of Convention Services - Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

About Us

Fans of the NFL's Oakland Raiders are represented in each of the 50 states of America. Of those fans who live beyond California, they enjoy watching the team on television every week, yet long for the chance to see the team play live.

The Road Trip Rally Party was created in the year 2012 to bring the live experience of an Oakland Raiders weekend directly to these fans. In Oakland, the game experience doesn't begin on Sundays. Rather, the entire weekend is a celebration filled with food, friends, and fun!

An Oakland Raiders away-game is chosen each year to be the host of the Official Road Trip Rally Party. Ms. Nakita Porter and Mr. Ken Webb work with the local Convention & Visitors Bureau of these cities to plan events and venues for attendees. Fans who have never hopped a flight to a Raiders game in Oakland have on several occasions taken a 3-to-5 hour drive to watch the Raiders play in NFL cities where our Road Trip Rally Party is scheduled to be. 

Friday night mixers, Saturday afternoons filled with formal sight-seeing tours at prominent local landmarks, all with our event's peak being a large fun-for-all party on the Saturday night eve of the game...this is our itinerary for the Road Trip Rally Party, one that mimics that of the "Raider Nation" experience there at the Raiders' home games in Oakland. 

Since our successful debut in 2012 (Atlanta, GA), we've gone on to bring the Road Trip Rally Party to Indianapolis, St. Louis, London (U.K.), and Detroit, New Orleans, and Hollywood Beach/Miami!

Bringing lasting happiness to fans everywhere, The Road Trip Rally Party is coming to YOU!​​​

2012 - atlanta, ga

Here is where it started, our first Road Trip Rally Party!

Many folks would travel to Raiders games on the road, seeing other Raiders fans by chance in a restaurant or at the stadium. We felt it would be nice if we could all meet together in a planed venue, to give all travelers a feeling that a Raiders game is an event, a special thing to share together. 

Welcome to the Road Trip Rally Party!

We are from everywhere of the United States, travelling to great cities for fun, food, and football!

This year, 2018, we are returning to Hollywood, Florida!!

The weekend of September 21st-thru-23rd will be AMAZING! 


The Road Trip Rally Party traveled to Detroit to watch the Raiders take on the Lions. Special stops that weekend included Greektown, The Green Dot Stables, and the world-renowned Motown Museum! 

2017 - hOLLYWODD, FL

A Beach Bonfire Party, a big tour bus taking us all over the Miami region (including lunch in Little Havana!), fun & sun on the Boardwalk, lots of great Cuban-inspired food, and a Sunday Night Football game that was over 50% filled with traveling Raiders fans! Who can ask for anything more!

Hot Times In Here!

2016 - New Orleans, LA

What could be better than:

AMAZING FOOD, dancing all night long, and your Raider Nation on Parade!

We had a "2nd Line Parade" the morning of the football game, down Poydras Avenue. 2 lanes wide, 400 yards long! Brass band, police escort blocking traffic, a true sight to behold!

2014 - London and Paris

Wembley Stadium hosted the NFL's International Series, as the Raiders played the Dolphins there.

Exciting excursions took us to Buckingham Palace, Arc D' Triumph, The Eiffel Tower, a Leyton Orient Soccer match, even a stroll across Abbey Road as The Beatles famously did! 

2013 - Indianapolis, in

Our second Road Trip Rally Party, we decided to give everyone a feel for the local attractions, the things that make our host city famous.

So, we went on a tour of the world-famous Motor Speedway, the Indy 500 racetrack that is the iconic symbol of Indianapolis.

We made good friends with the tour guides (we get letters from them on holidays), we had a big tailgate party the morning of the game thanks to the Raiders fan club that's based in neighboring Kentucky...this trip was really, really nice! 


road trip rally party!

the Traveling Football Fans!